Analysis Of ' The Time Machine ' Essay

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In ‘The Time Machine’ by H.G Wells, a number of different themes are covered throughout the short story, but one that is particularly prominent is the idea of time and progress as the main character of the story witnesses various stages of life in his journeys through time. However, it is during chapter 11 that the theme of time and progress becomes predominantly visible as the main character finds himself alone, in the barren wasteland of earth where all life has virtually died out. Time and progress is explored throughout 'The Time Machine ' through the use of description, mood and tone to create a detailed and provocative idea of a world that ceases to be.

Time plays an important part in 'The Time Machine ' as the entire short story revolves around one man’s journey through time and how, eventually, the world becomes nothing but an empty husk with only the sun in the sky, "The earth had come to rest with one face to the sun . . ." it also highlights how far into the future the main character has come as it appears that the world has stopped turning. This creates a bleak tone as there are no references to life and just the vast, dark sky:

"At last a steady twilight brooded over the earth, a twilight only broken now and then when a comet glared across the darkling sky."3

This creates an empty feeling to the world which the main character has found themselves in. The reference to 'twilight ' highlights the darkening nature of the world as "the sun had ceased to set".…

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