Analysis Of The Time Benjamin Was 7 Essay

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By the time Benjamin was 7, in 1819 he had four brothers (George b 1814, William b 1816, Henry and Irving) and three sisters (Katreen, Mary and Sarah). The children came so rapidly some of them must have been twins! His father, John had decided to leave his own father 's farm in South Fredericksburgh. He and Catherine with 8 young children in tow, moved north east, 20 km north of Kingston. He had obtained a small plot of land in Loughborough (Lot 13 Con 5) to build a small farm to help supplement his income from shoemaking. His new shanty home was in the very small cluster of homes that would become Spaffordton, Ontario some sixty years later. The area is one of fertile farmlands and is nestled between stone ridges with nearby streams emanating from surrounding lakes.
Within a few years at his new locale, John and Catherine completed their family with the birth of Peter in 1822. As there was no school all the children would contribute to the family’s welfare by attending to the house and care of the younger children, in the spring the sugar bush, or the pigs and vegetable garden. George, Benjamin’s oldest brother would be the next generation of Vankoughnetts to take up the cobbler’s trade.
With large tracts of land obtained by many of the Loyalist’s children came the duty to pay taxes on them. Often it was the case that the land was not very useful or too far away from family and hence the tax burden could become an unwanted expense. Hence many Loyalist children disposed of…

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