Essay Analysis Of ' The Three Sisters ' By Julia Alvarez

1083 Words May 31st, 2016 5 Pages
The definition of being heroic is not set in stone, it is very subjective and it can be different to each person. The most accurate way to describe it is saying it is completely determined by the opinion of other people. It doesn’t matter if said person just saved everyone in the world, if no one believes they are heroic then they aren’t. In the book The Three Sisters by Julia Alvarez the most heroic character is Minerva, she has done many brave and selfless things which has led people to feel that she is a hero. There are three main characteristics that a person needs in order for other people to perceive them as heroic. Heroes need to be able to stand up for other people, no one will consider someone a hero if they do not help other people. Heroes need people to be compared against, if there were no bad people in the world then there would be no need for heroes, they would be considered normal people rather than heroes. The last part of being a hero, and perhaps the most important part is standing up for themselves As the saying goes, if you don’t respect yourself then no one will. Minerva portrayed all of these characteristics consistently throughout the book which is why everyone seems to think she is the most heroic. One important part of heroism is standing up for others and being very unselfish. Minerva did a great job of doing that throughout the book. When Minerva listened to Sinita’s story she was very scared but she learned to control her emotions, just like a…

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