Essay about Analysis Of The Things They Carried By Tim O ' Brien

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In war one must carry everything and nothing. Tim O’Brien brings forth in his work a harrowing depiction of the realities of war. “The Things They Carried” brings to light the experiences of those in war. Through the sadness and struggle O’Brien brings forth the mass confusion and guilt of battle prevalent in Vietnam. His characters and themes combine to bring to light the truths of humanity. O’Brien’s writing style is straightforward and concise, reflecting the thought processes of those experiencing battle. O’Brien uses interior monologue, a distinct writing style, and character examination to create the best literary example of an emotional experience for the reader. To begin, the use of interior monologue creates a familiar thought process for the reader, making the narration relatable. Initially, this element may be confusing. However, this literary style allows the story to become relatable ("Stream of Consciousness" 1). The narrator lists objects the men carry, elaborating on various things. These elaborations are usually followed by a short story or explanation. By familiarizing the reader with the surroundings, such as the purpose of a specific piece of military equipment, the reader’s presence within the story is initiated. When the reader understands the way the narrator lists the things the men carried, he then takes on those burdens as his own. Stream of consciousness, the type of interior monologue being used, is a psychological effort to represents the lack…

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