Analysis Of The Story ' The Climax ' Essay

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1) I asked some friends to read my story, and they found that the 2nd part of the story seemed rushed. I think the reason for this is because I started to run out of words, and needed to end the story quickly. Thus in my rewrite I hope to cut some unnecessary elements, and dialogue in the story, that do not add anything to the plot and work on the ending, to make it fuller. I will also cut out some of the summary in the ending. The fact that my original story has a lot of summary in the end and hardly any in the beginning adds to the rushed feeling.
2) I want to pay particular attention to the climax of the story. In my original version of the story, the climax isn’t very clear, nor does it have any kind of focus. The climax is vey short, and the protagonist quickly makes a choice. It doesn’t feel like it’s the character’s low point. I want to build this part of the story up, so when the character makes a decision it seems more pivotal in the story.
3) I want to enhance the acceleration of my story. In the original story, the acceleration did not build towards the climax. The acceleration was very short, and quickly reached the climax. It didn’t contain many details. I want to expand on this part of the story, to make it fuller and allow the ending to feel less rushed.
4) Another point my friends brought up about my story is trying to do a lot in with the word limit I have. They suggested simplifying my character’s motivation so I can cut out more elements out of the story,…

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