Analysis Of The Story ' Paul 's Case Essay

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Money is a dangerous desire when believing that it will help you escape your reality. In the short story “Paul’s Case: a study in temperament by Willa Cather tells the narrative about a boy names Paul, who driven by the pursuit of recognition and a life of wealth attempts to escape his life of boredom and judgment, to New York, a city that for Paul meant luxury, class and wealth, but when he runs out of money that he stole form his fathers company and learns that he is looking for him, he makes the ultimate decision and takes his own life. Paul attempting to become someone prestigious and wealthy reveals the danger of money as an escape of his reality.

Paul’s fascination with riches and high class living he surrounds himself with, reveals his desire to live that reality. This unreachable desire is dangerous because it adds to his sadness. When he leaves Carnegie hall, the music hall where he works, he follows the lead singer who had just performed, to the hotel where she stays. “ He seemed to feel himself go after her steps, into the warm, lighted building, into an exotic, tropical world of shiny, glistening and basking ease”. Paul imagines himself living in this “exotic” and “tropical world of shiny” and it makes him feel warm and happy. This feeling of senseless happiness and “warmth” comes from surrounding himself with art, wealthy and luxury which reveals his feeling of not belonging to the life he lives. After the rain wakes him form his day dream about the hotel, he…

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