Essay about Analysis Of The Story ' Night '

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The story takes place in 1941 Transylvanian. The narrator is a young boy of about 12 named Eliezer. He and his family are Orthodox Jews. Eliezer’s parents are very well respected shop owners. He also has two older sisters and a younger sister.
Eliezer is a student of the Jewish scripture the Talmud. He also studies some mystical Jewish texts. This part of his studies does not have his father’s approval, but Eliezer has a teacher he likes in Moshe the Beadle. Unfortunately Moshe is deported by the government. After many months, Moshe returns. He claims that he has escaped from the Gestapo and that all of the deportation trains were in the Nazi’s control. He claims to have seen Jews forced to dig their own graves and then shot by the Nazis. No one in the town believes his story.
By 1944 Germans take control of Eliezer’s country. Bit by bit, anti-semantic laws are passed, Jewish leaders are arrested and the Jews must wear yellow stars. Soon all of the Jews are forced to leave their homes and move to a ghetto. Finally, the Nazis begin to deport the Jews. One of the last families to leave is Eliezer’s family. They turn down an offer to go into hiding and board the trains to leave the country.

In the train cars the conditions are horrible. Eliezer states that they cannot breathe or sit. The heat is unbearable and they are hungry and thirsty. After many days of travel they arrive at the border of Czechoslovakia and the Jews on the train…

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