Essay about Analysis Of ' The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down '

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Opening Statement Summary and Main Points: (Brooke Edwards)
The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down - Lia, a young Hmong girl suffered and grew sicker from epilepsy. Her parents saw this disease not as epilepsy but as a spirit leaving her body. Because of the conflicts in cultures between Lia’s Parents and the doctors, Lia was not properly treated and medicated. If she had been it is possible that she wouldn’t have gotten worse.
General Info. - Lack of Cultural Competency can lead to: language barriers, dissatisfaction in patient treatment, preventing the patient to return for further health health care, prevent use of a regular doctor.

The United States is known for its collection of cultures, yet many medical treatments and procedures are standardized to only one culture. Multicultural health is important to the United States for residents that identify with different cultures and to solve the problem of many preventable negative health outcomes,
(Insert cultural competency and respect for persons of different cultures)
The United States, although spending the most money on healthcare than any other country in the world, still has negative health outcomes that fall behind some countries that are still considered developing (Kane, 2012). The presence of severe health disparities in the United States causes these negative health outcomes because individuals cannot or will not receive the treatment and care they need and deserve. If doctors and society begins to…

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