Essay about Analysis Of The Short Story ' Courage '

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The short story “Courage” portrays the journey of a young British Soldier, James Grant, as he is airdropped into the wrong part France the day before D-Day. Grant has to hide himself from the German soldiers until he can reunite with his team and complete their mission. “Courage” shows its readers that sometimes the instruments supposed to aid in times of distress cause more trouble than they are actually worth. This theme actually presents itself in multiple parts of the story to the different characters and leaves behind a trail of misfortune in its wake. For example, James Grant’s warplane has the job to drop James in Normandy the day before D-Day so he can complete his mission. Warplanes symbolize both destruction and protection depending on what end of battle a person is on. From Grant’s standpoint the warplane he travels in stands for the protection and justice of the innocent victims of Hitler’s corrupt battle. He puts his faith into the pilot and navigator of his plane to get him to his destination so he can contribute his part in the war. But unfortunately his faith is put to waste when the navigator drops Grant in the wrong place, “When he reached the ground, he understood very quickly that he had been dropped at the wrong place, for when he looked about, he could find none of the farmhouses, roads, and woods that had been described to him beforehand.” (Courage) The entire mission relies on the navigator’s training to get Grant to his destination and he ends up…

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