Analysis Of The Schwartz Family

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Graph A. depicts the average size of an individual Schwartz family according to the number of children per couple. There is a noticeable explosion in this size from 1664 to 1718-45 as well as a serious decline leading into the nineteenth century. Nearly all of the Schwartz men are labeled as fishermen or peasant farmers, so their relatively large family sizes make economical sense in that many children were needed in order to help make ends meet. Another explanation for the large family size is the high rates of infant mortality (see Graph G.), since many children would be hard pressed to survive to their fifth birthday, much less marry.
Indeed, the commonalty of the names Tobias, Johannes, and Josephus for men and Anna Maria and Catharina for women reveal the piety and respect for tradition from the Schwartz family: every name pertains to either an ancestor or has a biblical background. This claim is also supported by the on almost non-existent pre-nuptial birth rates on graph B. The
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gives mortality rates: of particular interest is the first category of 0-5 years old, or the infant mortality rate of the family. I hypothesize that the data resembles a “W” for several reasons. Firstly, newborn babies are most susceptible to diseases, especially when not properly nourished, so that their mortality rate will naturally be higher than the rest of the majority of age groups. Secondly, the small ‘bump’ in the 18-23 year-old range can most likely be attributed to accidents or war, since these ages are where people are most likely to engage in risky behavior. Lastly, the over 48 year-old age group is higher because, similarly to infant, elderly persons have less vigor and energy, their bodies succumbing more easily to famine, disease, and climate. The dip in longevity during the 1745-72 period in graph H. can be explained by the lack of death records available and/or disease or famine that struck the Schwartz particularly hard during this

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