Analysis Of The ' Savages ' And The Native American Oratory That Franklin Had A Great Respect For `` Savages ``

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It is clear after reading both Franklin’s view of the “savages” and the Native American oratory that Franklin had a great respect for “savages”. Franklin makes it clear that he does not approve of the term “savages” because he views Native American’s as a population of people that just do things differently and have different rules than the British. The way that Franklin describes the Native American people are as people who do not wish to cause conflict, hard workers with each person having their place, and people who have great respect for one another. Franklin describes the many rules of Native American’s used in order to try to avoid conflict such as not making a decision on the same day in order to show the offer has been thoroughly thought through, not interrupting someone else while they are speaking, and they will not deny or contradict someone else during a conversation. Franklin also talks about how the women put to memory everything and use the information to pass down to other generations as their history. Franklin talks about the priorities of the British versus the Native American’s in which the British value education in a college and the Native American’s value hard manual labor. In Franklin’s description the Native American’s see boys who are sent to school as being almost worthless because they are unable to hunt, build houses, or provide for their family. Being able to understand the values of the two different populations makes it easier to…

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