Analysis Of The Poem ' Wonderful Talking Machine ' Essay

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This biography is remarkably written filled with tons of information, however Bruce doesn’t become as intimate with inspirations of Alexander Graham Bell or the actual telephone being built. To begin, Bruce briefly mentions George Sanders in a few sentences. Such a simple name, but a huge impact to Bell being his first deaf student that he had taught (90-91). From prior research, it is said that George Sanders later went on in life becoming successful in thanks to Bell, however it would’ve been more resourceful if Bruce provided that extra information. Another influence to Bell that lacks information includes an invention by Professor Faber called the “Wonderful Talking Machine”. Initially, Bell was not the first to think of the telephone, he had developed the idea after seeing Professor Faber’s invention (something quite similar to a telephone). Faber’s invention had been abandoned, and so Bell and his father had taken the matter into their hands and refined the invention (82). Lastly Bruce should’ve described the telephone coming about in the chapter given. One entire chapter, “The Telephone Is Conceived”, is dedicated to the telephone being made, however compared to others this chapter was shorter and filled with multiple measures of dialogue (123-124). Bruce later describes the telephone coming about, but that information is included moreover in other chapters. With such a great biography, there are a few important ideas that the author fails to elaborate on.


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