Essay about Analysis Of The Poem ' Three Little Birds '

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My link to the strand is Syncopation and my composition is written in a reggae style. I like the offbeat feel of this style of music and syncopation was something I wanted to explore within it.
A well-known Caribbean musician is Bob Marley and I know that he uses a lot of syncopation in one of his best songs “three little birds”. In this song you can hear the syncopation in the hi-hat, cymbals, organ and guitar; playing the chords. In this way, he plays with our expectations of where the beat should occur and loosen up the rhythm and give it life.
I chose AoS1 because wanted to explore syncopation in both melodic and the rhythmic section lines. I have done this because I wanted to give the music a sense of being laid back. I also wanted to explore polyrhythms and cross rhythms.
I also chose Aos2 as I wanted to explore tonality, diatonic melody lines and modulating to the relative key.
In this area of study I used modulation when I changed from a D minor key to F major key, which adds interest to my piece. There was also modulation when I changed back to C major to end with a perfect cadence which creates a perfect end to my piece.
Finally I explored areas of AoS3: Texture and melody: I chose to focus on this because it allowed me to use melody with accompaniment, whilst my main melody was being played by the steel pan, I had the bass guitar, piano and drum kit play as the accompaniment and this supported my music. In this area of study I used modulation when I…

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