Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' The Red Guns ' By Carl Sandburg

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Among the Red Guns is a poem written by Carl Sandburg that portrays a speaker describing details of war. However, who the speaker is and what gender they are is made unclear throughout the poem. Notable in this poem is that the speaker continues to use the phrase, “dreams go on.” Sandburg uses literary devices such as imagery, tone, and repetition to help illustrate and provide information about war and its difficult aspects. Most importantly, Sandburg utilizes these literary devices in order to inform the audience that regardless of conflict, there is always hope (dreams).
Throughout the course of the poem, one can see imagery at display. Sandburg mostly uses this imagery to help the reader illustrate the scenes of war. For instance, several of the stanzas include lines of which highlight common sights on the battlefield. More specifically, the line “running free blood” (line 3) depicts the bloody streams created as a result of wounded and dead soldiers. Furthermore, in line 14, the speaker states, “soft amid the blood and crying,” thus referring to the brutality war creates. Most importantly, the speaker’s continuous usage of the phrase “dreams go on” hints to the value of hope. Despite the carnage that soldiers live and die in, they are not heartless or deprived of their spirit. Moreover, the continuous contrast between the brutal images and the dull language in each stanza as well as the ethereal tone of the catch phrase adds on to the overall message, that hope is…

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