Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' The Night '

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Patrick hated sleeping. It wasn 't because he couldn 't sleep. It wasn 't because he had nightmares. It wasn 't even because he was wasting time not making music. It was because of his boyfriend, Pete.
Ever since Pete and Patrick moved in together, Pete had been taking trips out in the middle of the night. At first Patrick had thought it was because Pete needed to go to the bathroom; so he went back to sleep.
However, one night, Patrick decided to stay awake longer when Pete was up. Patrick heard the front door open and close. Pete didn 't come back until an hour before sunrise.
Pete did this every night. Pete... was cheating on Patrick. Patrick wasn 't surprised. He didn 't deserve Pete. Compared to Patrick, Pete was a knockout.
Patrick had tried to reason that Pete just needed to go out of a walk, but why wouldn 't he tell Patrick about it. Why would he need to go out throughout nearly the whole night to try and sleep.
Patrick could understand where Pete was coming from, but that didn 't make it hurt any less. When Pete closed the front door every night, Patrick started to cry into his pillow. He hated the idea of Pete with someone else. That Pete didn 't love Patrick as much as Patrick loved Pete.
Patrick thought they were fairly happy. Every day, Pete woke Patrick up with soft kisses on his neck. Pete told Patrick he loved him every day.
Tonight, Patrick was going to confront Pete. He didn 't want to break up with Pete, but staying would only bring more pain to…

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