The Year I Lost My Grip Characters

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The setting of this novel, CURVEBALL: The Year I Lost My Grip, by Jordan Sonnenblick, is set in Peter's hometown. It takes place the summer before Pete's freshman year. Pete was playing baseball all summer and 1 game changed his life. After this game he had just played his life was very depressing. Everything was just going down hill. He had his first day of school and realized life isn’t that bad. Things started to get better for Pete’s life. Peter Friedman was just an average teenage boy who loved to play baseball and taking pictures. He loved the game. Pete unfortunately got hurt in a game and . Pete once said, “If i had known it was going to be my last baseball i’d ever play, i would have asked my mom to bring the video camera.”(11) He looked like a baseball player …show more content…
He didn't listen to the pain and just kept going and going. He finally realized it was real because he was laying on the dirt from his arm pretty much exploding. After he hurt his elbow him and his grandpa got really close. He found some things out and felt like it was best to keep it all in when it really wasn't. Pete was really upset about baseball and just kept everything to himself. He kept his grandpas secrets and his own secrets. Pete took everything entirely too serious. He always let his mind beat him up. He didn't believe in himself at all. Pete said, “I just don't think I could get another fast-ball by him.” (16) pete just loved the sport so much he didn't know how to quit. After everything that has happened Pete met some people and new relationships. Those people helped him and they don't even know it. After he hurt his elbow he found something he liked doing and that would be taking pictures. He finally started to date Angelika and his grandpa taken care of and he told AJ about his arm and not being able to play baseball ever again. AJ was very accepting with it and made Pete feel better about

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