Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' The Iliad '

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The Iliad is a poem that begins nine years into a war where there are gods and goddess that support different sides. The god’s interference affects the outcome of the Trojan War. It begins with the character, Achilles who withdraws from the war and goes to the Zeus to pray for assistance, which begins his rage and towards the end, we see someone who is able to overcome himself for another.
In the beginning of the poem, Achilles’ battle prize is taken from him, and in a childish manner, he ‘quits’ the war and prays to the god Zeus. Achilles is a character who has been dishonored, and during the time the poem was written, honor is something very important. Achilles is prepared to do what it takes in order for him to be remembered after death, which makes him someone who desires glory. He also was given the choice to live longer without his name being remembered. Because he decides not to fight, the Greeks begin to lose. He has great anger towards Agamemnon for taking his prize, and so his wrath begins which affects everyone involved.
He prays to Zeus so that the Trojans would start winning and his own side will realize how much they need him. Achilles will do whatever it takes to be the center of attention. When his close friend, Patroclus offers to fight for him in the war and dies, Achilles is driven into madness. Achilles then kills Hector, which results in him forgetting about the quarrel with Agamemnon and turns his anger towards Hector. Slowly, Achilles is letting his…

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