Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' The Green Bridge '

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The Green Bridge II

The Green Bridge II, by Lyonel Feininger, in 1916. It is an asymmetrical abstract piece made from oil paint on a canvas. Within the painting, there are three-dimensional objects, which would appear to tell a story. What appears a very busy street loitered with many people, walking to or from somewhere. The appearance of the buildings, surroundings, and the people are not normal, they have a really blocky or distorted appearance. There are many lines and almost textures in this piece. Along the front, the large opening portion appears to have some sort of curved pattern throughout the shape, giving the opening a texture of stone. The street also has the exact same curved pattern visible. The line work in the housing and buildings all seem normal, they look like the average cartoonish looking building. The people, their bodies are the only portion of them that is recognizable; they appear to have very small heads, with very large lanky bodies, with not very much curvature to their shape. There are many shapes; the ones that I am noticing the most are the shapes of the buildings, and the archway, the rectangular, buildings the people themselves. They seem triangular; they have very pointed legs, feet, and arms. The far left back of the painting, there are what appears to be pointy mountains. The farther away the from the front of the painting, the more the picture leads into a point like that of a triangle. The curved lines I mentioned before make…

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