Essay about Analysis Of The Poem ' The Death Of Elizabeth '

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1. In this quotation, Robert Walton is writing to his sister about the man his ship crew rescued, Victor Frankenstein. The irony of this quote is that Robert Walton seems to have a great deal of admiration towards Victors, but has barely communicated with him. Robert Walton describes Victor as being “noble,” when in fact Victor’s exhaustion is due to his quest to try to destroy the murderous creature he had brought to life. Victor is described as being “attractive and amiable,” but he has spent many years fixated on death and decay which led to the destruction of his loved ones. Additionally, Victor’s abandonment of the Creature detracts from the notion of nobility and amiable as he neglected his duties as a creator and heartlessly left his Creature alone to fend for himself.

2. The second quotation refers to Victor Frankenstein’s recollection of his own dream about the death of Elizabeth. This dream occurred shortly after Victor had brought the Creature to life and had fled to his bedroom due to fear and exhaustion. The dream serves as a premonition as it describes the sudden death of Elizabeth after their first kiss, in which Elizabeth is later murdered on their wedding night. The dream also references Victor’s loss and loneliness towards the end of the book as he loses everyone he has loved. He not only holds the corpse of his later wife, but also his late mother.

3. The third quotation refers to the Creature’s recollection of the Arabian girl named Safie. The incident…

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