Analysis Of The Poem ' The Beautiful Struggle ' Essay

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The Black experience varies upon everyone within the Black Community. Your lifestyle, economic status, and your community’s culture are some of the characteristics that can affect your Black experience. The memoir, The Beautiful Struggle, written by Ta-Nehisi Coates, portrays a Black man living in a drug and violent area and beating all the stereotypes put in place by outsiders. Coates beats the stereotype of a typical Black man raised in a crime inflicted area falling into the traps of his neighborhood by attending college and becoming successful in his work. Coates’ Black experience was affected by his education, environment, and his mentality leading Coates to become the man he is today.
Coates mentality affected the formation of his Black experience. Within The Beautiful Struggle, the author describes to the reader his passion for music especially playing the djembe and rapping. Coates used music as a release from his daily stressors such as school and his family. Living in an urban area, such as Baltimore, majority of the youth’s mindsets are focused on becoming a rapper, a ball player, a drug dealer, or any other occupation that brought about quick and easy money with little effort. These were some of the choices Coates’ older brother Bill was considering. With the skills Coates had musically most people his age would have ran with that talent and become the next “Hood Star”. But Coates knew he could become more than that, Coates knew that rapping would not lead a…

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