Analysis Of The Poem ' Sex Without Love ' Essay

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The narrator presents the behavior of the characters completely cold and with lack of eroticism, which are described on line three an empty way two bodies: “Gliding over each”. In this manner Sharon Olds presents her vision of the body as the center of any perception of the world in the poem "Sex Without Love". The author stands above the rest of his generation for his naked language, clarity and evocative force. In her writings, Sharon speaks lover, herself as a daughter, wife, mother, emphasizing the themes of couple, family ties, social or religious. The narrator of this poem could be a spectator to which we will call the subject. At first, the subject is asked alarmed how sex without love is possible. The author uses a gaunt and temperate language in the experience of closeness, presenting the subject as if we could touch the character or if we were in front of the character in his own monologue. In the poem "Sex Without Love," Sharon Olds demolishes the myths of sexuality and eroticism. The strength of this written lies in the peculiar ambiguity with which the writer is one of the great themes of poetry as love is. The poem begins with the question of the relationship between two lovers where the subject is not clear why two people can have sex without love that keep going in lines eight to eleven: “How do they come to the/come to the come to the God come to the/still waters, and not love/the one who came there with them”. However, although initially the poem seems to…

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