Analysis Of The Poem ' Osage County ' By Tracy Letts Essay

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Family is where one’s core roots are formed, where one puts together the building blocks of their character, and where it is determined whether they will be viewed in life, through a lens of prejudice or acceptance. Generally, in a family, an individual will discover how to draw the line between right and wrong. Dysfunctional families blur that line, and boundaries become unclear. In August: Osage County by Tracy Letts, the absence of moral boundaries is evident throughout generations of this family. The members of the Weston family are blood related, this seeming to be their only real form of unification, as they are far from loving and compassionate.The Weston’s dysfunction is a result of their physical and metaphorical distance between each other, communication, and secrets.
Before all else, unity is needed in a family, although throughout the disorganized Weston generation, there is a substantial and figurative gap. To begin with, after Jean is confronted and questioned by her parents, following her incident with Steve’s inappropriate actions, she declares, “Nothing ‘went on’ can we just not make a federal case of everything?” (Letts 119) Jean’s statement perfectly illustrates her relationship with her parents, which is far from healthy. First off, she was smoking marijuana, which most parents would disapprove. Secondly, when Jean knew that Steve was wrong and she had every right to be the victim in this situation, she chose not to be. As if this was not enough, she is…

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