Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' O Pioneers ! '

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Dessen pinpoints the emotions and obstacles Marie has experienced through her love for Emil. For Marie, love for Emil was never expected or convenient, but was spontaneous and burdensome. This is exactly what Dessen describes to be “true love”, one that happens by chance at the worst time possible but is composed of passion and intensity. Dessen even describes the “single, throbbing moment”, where Marie and Emil express this true love in one passionate night under the stars. Although this love ultimately destroys Marie, one can’t deny or reject true love when faced with it; it consumes the body and the soul until there is nothing left. In Cather’s O Pioneers! Marie is depicted as an other-worldly figure terrorized by internal strife and moral dilemmas.

Upon first appearance Marie appears to be a dark, twisted temptress, but upon closer analysis Cather reveals to us she is truly a wild spirit. Cather presents Marie to us as a “white night-moth” who is “flutteringly” away into the night. Cather’s imagery presents Marie as a free spirit, because moths travel freely with no clear direction or motive. This paints Marie as an individual who moves without direction or intention, which displays the transcendental principle of living life on a whim. Marie is described as a “white” moth which represents purity and how she seems to be divergent from others around her. Cather’s word choice to describe Marie as “flutteringly” creates a light and playful mood, which seems to be at the…

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