Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' Mental Cases ' By Wilfred Owen

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Written in 1918 — Owen captures the damage to men 's minds as a result of war. The damage was not more shameful than bodily wounds, however the after effects of war didn 't always find ready acceptance at that time. Mental Cases is both a powerful poem and a propaganda document. Owen’s aim is to shock and to describe in stark detail the ghastly physical symptoms of mental torment. As in “Dulce et decorum est”, Owen shows how men in their prime become senile wrecks as a result of war.
• The poem "Mental Cases" is about a group of World War One soldiers who are slowly losing the grip on their minds to insanity as a result of the many horrors of war that they have witnessed. As a result of this there are many themes in this poem such as; death, murder, insanity, pain and torment, showing the true effects of the mental scarring war can have on even the bravest of soldiers.
This poem is narrated in the third person by the author, Wilfred Owen; a man who had fought in the war, and had recorded the sights he had seen in his poems. The tone of this poem is very sombre and methodical as the passive Owen tells us about the soldiers gradual decent into insanity.Owen seems to present the poem with a sense of sympathy and a sense of curiosity, but seems to keep a distance from the insane men.
In this poem we learn of the soldiers who have lost their minds and we are told that this is happening to them through Owen 's highly descriptive and vivid statements. The title, "Mental Cases“…

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