Essay about Analysis Of The Poem ' Mending Wall ' By Robert Frost

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In the poem “Mending Wall” by Robert Frost, the speaker entertains the idea of a life without walls or fences. Albeit the speaker is unable to find the voice to convey it, his concerns are relevant. I have witnessed the walls of pride and hate impair society and isolate cultures. Although fences are useful for containing livestock and walls are necessary to protect communities from violent prisoners, often walls only serve as a source of pain that is conceived when wicked ignorance and prideful arrogance collide to destroy human relationships.
Honestly, I am so sick of hearing people characterize others by their skin color. While working with children, especially teens, I constantly hear them refer to each other according to race. I call the students out, and I challenge them to broaden their views of acceptance: although we come from diverse backgrounds, we should not be limited or defined by them. A few of my students call me racist, but not in the usual way. Although I am white, the white children say that I show favoritism to the black children; and among the blacks, the brown-skinned children say that I prefer the darker-skinned black children. However, I do not initially detect race when I look at my students, yet they force me to examine it. I feel heartbroken when I witness the segregation that takes place among our youth, not only between and within ethnic groups, but regarding every possible difference imaginable. The walls that separate the human race…

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