Analysis Of The Poem ' Memoriam ' By Lord Tennyson Essay

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In Memoriam, written by Lord Tennyson, was intended as an elegy for his beloved friend, Arthur Henry Hallam. Throughout the text of the poem, it is evident that the speaker is Lord Tennyson himself, who cannot bear the sorrow and pain that came with his dear friend’s passing. He mourns Hallam’s sudden passing and is continuously overwhelmed with grief with little hope for riding solace within his poems. In Memoriam is Lord Tennyson’s vivid recollection of his detailed journey in which he confronted the various stages of grief as he mediated upon the death of his friend, Hallam. Patterns of light and darkness, nature and a higher power are notably present in this elegy as they represent the particular stage of grief and sorrow that Tennyson identifies with. In particular, Tennyson utilizes imagery, symbolism, and similes in his fifth poem as a reflection of his solemn grief. Throughout Tennyson’s fifth poem, it is evident that Tennyson is nostalgic for the times he and Hallam had spent together. His words become an example of his inconsolable person confronting the newfound grief and sorrow left from a solemn passing. Specifically, in the first stanza Tennyson diction is representative of a sincere declaration of social anxiety and grief. Tennyson is apprehensive of his mournful actions, finding it pitiful “…to put in words the grief I feel” (Lyric 5, Line 2). The first stanza is an example of Tennyson reflecting on his mixed feelings on whether or not publicly grieving will…

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