Essay about Analysis Of The Poem ' Marks ' By Linda Pastan

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“Marks” is a poem by Linda Pastan in the mid 1970s about a young wife and mother. It describes her treatment by her husband and children, ending with a dramatic statement that leaves the reader with multiple options for the outcome. The poem begins on a slightly happy note, a good grade she has received. Once we get into the second and third grades, we can easily see the decline of the happiness in the poem. As the poem progresses, the reader begins to realize that the persona of the poem is miserable and sad in her life. Many of the ideas in the poem reveal her feelings and a few physical traits that contribute to her feelings.
Throughout the poem, the persona focuses on the criticisms she receives through grades, like one might receive in school. I believe that this shows that she is a young mother and wife. She perhaps married right out of high school, if not before then. Since the poem was written and published in the 1970s, this was very possible and not uncommon. The average age of a married woman in the 1970s was around 19 years old. The 1970s also marked the final stages in the Women’s Rights Movement. While it was not over yet, there were fewer and fewer advances made once we reached the 70s and 80s.
Based upon the “grades” the poem’s persona receives from her husband and children, she is struggling to balance her duties as a wife and mother. The grades themselves do not focus on herself as a person but rather on her household chores. She receives an A in cooking,…

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