Analysis Of The Poem ' Latent Rapist ' By Ntozake Shange And The Song ' Blurred Lines '

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The poem and the song address an identical topic. That is, they address sexual violence, which the Center for Disease Control and Prevention defines as a sexual act committed against someone without that persons freely given consent. The CDC also divides sexual violence into seven different types. (CDC). This essay is limited to a discussion of one of the types, which is sexual violence that is completed or attempted forced penetration of a victim. The poem Latent Rapist, by Ntozake Shange and the song Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke both give equal weight to the definition of sexual violence. This is evidence by the descriptions, “We can even have them over for dinner, and get raped in our own houses for invitation.“ and “I know you want it, can’t let it get past me.” (Shange). (Thicke). Both phrases illustrate the act of sexual violence, one that is hidden under the auspices of a friend, and the other auspices of provocative women. Both phrases paint a picture of how women and men have different ideas of what constitutes consent.
Usually people think a rapist is some weirdo in a back alley attacking a woman who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Unfortunately rapes like that do happen and those kind of rapes are usually the kind we see on the local news or the news paper; However, the public may get the false perception that rape often happens between strangers and in obscure places where women frequent. The truth is most women know their attacker and the…

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