Analysis Of The Poem ' I Too Sing America ' Essay examples

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To sing America is to be American, therefore I am America. What does this mean to the average person? To understand this statement one must understand the “American Experience”. Langston Hughes’ poem “I too sing America” serves as a patriarchal representation of the minority experience in America. There are many historical undertones that are present in this poem in addition to symbolism and foreshadowing which instills hope into the reader. The poem starts with the line, “I, too, sing America” (1). The commas between “too” leaves a short pause that indicates that the speaker is in a contemplative mood. The speaker is either reflecting upon his status as an American, or he is affirming that he is an American as any other American citizen of any ethnicity. The speaker makes reference to his ethnicity when he state that he is “the dark brother”(2). The word “brother” (2) reminiscent to the iconic anti-slavery medallion Created by Josiah Wedgwood titled “Am I not a Man and A Brother?” The man I kneeling down in a supplicative position looks as if he is pleading for his life or livelihood (library of Congress) In the third line the speaker mentions that “they” made him to “eat in the kitchen”(3). So who exactly is “They” and why was he forced to go through this type of treatment? It is important to note that “They” does not specifically mean an actual group of people, but it is the speaker and his conflict with the society. When he is forced to “eat in the…

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