Analysis Of The Poem Hide And Seek By Vernon Scannell

Childhood is one of those precious and phenomenal time in which a child is transforming into an adult. We all been through childhood and we can all agree that childhood is one of the most significant moment of our lives because childhood is a delightful time in which life is extremely enjoyable and innocent. Childhood is the most beautiful of all life season. The poem Hide and Seek by Vernon Scannell presents an unbeautiful side of childhood life, in which the central theme is about growing up, as the poem is narrates by the child who is in poem; waiting for his friends to find him. He experience both pleasure and fear during the game and this is presents in a range of ways throughout the one stanza poem.

Firstly, the writer had explored the concept of excitement, intensity and curiosity that the boy gains at the very start of the poem through the game of hide and seek. We could see that the persona is extremely enthusiastic and confident. The poem Hide and Seek begins with “call out. Call loud: I’m ready! Come and find me! Scannell uses short sentences to illustrate the excitement of the persona. This highlights the statement that childhood is the most beautiful of all life season because the quotation reveals that the persona is extremely positive and
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The central theme of this poem is about the difference in social class during the earlier days, jealousy and childhood. In the poem, Stephen Spender is describing about himself being teased and abuse by his own peers, which is known to be rough kids. Whereas towards the end, the poet forgives the unpleasant kids, and even tries to make friends with them. Spender had use a simple and straightforward languages that convey the different point of view he has on the rough boys in this three-stanza

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