Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' Heracles '

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Heracles – In this work, the theme of nation is represented when his older brother becomes a ruler and he is sent to the twelve laborers. After defeating all the laborers, Lycus became very worried about Thebes and constantly thinks about Heracles and his kingship. The theme of nation takes a huge toll on Heracles and his family. Essentially, this strikes fear into Thebes. In fact, he does not want to be killed by Heracles family. Unfortunately, Heracles ends up returning and killing Lycus’s men. Although he was trying to do what was right for his family, the nation had other plans. As a result, this does not help Heracles who falls under the pressure of the nation as he is tricked by Iris who in turn makes Heracles insane and ends up killing all his family members because he had no control over what he was doing.
Machiavelli’s The Prince- The Prince truly revolved around the nation and how a king should run his country. Lorenzo de Medici is seeking favor for the prince by offering him some of his knowledge. Then, he talks about how thing should be run and knew principles they should use. By using these rule, he feels he will be able to have a successful nation. He said to strive for a strong army to be successful, need to be violent and put fear into your people, also be a student of war and always be ready for the unexpected, and lastly not only should strike fear but also be kind to your people to and throw parties and make people feel welcomed. By using all these…

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