Analysis Of The Poem ' Grief ' Essays

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Anguish is a slew written on pages,
You 're not ready to turn.

Anguish is a breathtaking morning waking,
‘Missing Persons’ lists a golden grin.

Anguish is a phone booth begging to call you,
Fistful of pennies and an ocean of apologies.

Anguish is a blurred highway line,
Drifting like the ring of thoughts on pills.

Anguish is a stretch of pavement,
With my memoir written in blood.

Anguish is a savior arriving too late,
But on time at my funeral.

Anguish is a goodbye,
I never got.

Sound and Literary Techniques

3 sound techniques: internal rhyme, alliteration, onomatopoeia
3 language techniques: metaphor, personification, imagery

My free verse poem utilizes sound techniques like internal rhyme and alliteration. Internal rhyme is demonstrated in the line “Anguish is a breathtaking morning waking” breathtaking and waking rhyme, and they are within the sentence. Alliteration is shown with “golden grin” two words that begin with g. I chose these techniques because I liked the idea of an internal rhyme, it allows the poem to rhyme without sounding childish, my poem is very serious. Alliteration can be more humorous and playful and so is the content of my choice, “golden grin” it’s a reflection of a happy smile. I think the reader will realize the differentiations between the two, the serious tone and the wistful reflection. My final sound technique is an onomatopoeia, “the ring of thoughts on pills” ring is spelled just as it sounds. My poem…

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