Analysis Of The Poem ' Fern Hill ' Essay

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We often look back at our childhood with nostalgia, longing for the good old days of playing with friends and no responsibilities. In Dylan Thomas’s six stanza poem, “Fern Hill”, the speaker emphasizes the painful conflict of past experience and present realization as he inspects his own childhood from an adult perspective. Upon the first glance, the poem reads smoothly and without interruption, almost as if spoken in one breath. With beautiful descriptions of farm life among repetitive imagery, the reader is almost hypnotized. The speaker remembers the happy times of his childhood spent at a farm called Fern Hill, describing himself as being “young and easy,” and the “prince of the apple towns.” The speaker was “green and carefree,” and throughout the poem describes the exquisite nature surrounding the farm. However, the presence of time is consistently brought up in the poem, and only under close inspection does the reader begin to see that there is a darker theme unfolding. The last few lines of the poem are vague, yet through analysis of the poem, the speaker’s true feeling about his childhood years can be revealed. In Dylan Thomas’s poem Fern Hill, the poem ends on a bitterly due to his adult realizations of the limited nature of time conflicting with his past self’s carelessness.
The repeated motif of time begins right away. The first three stanzas of Fern Hill, without looking closely, depict a young boy living out his childhood years at a wonderful farm. There are…

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