Junk Car In The Snow Analysis

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“Left to Imagination”
Introduction {get attention}
In their poems “Junk Car in the Snow” and “Burning the Hornet’s Nest” both poets Ron Rash and Robert Morgan describe to readers what it was like to be raised in the southern Appalachian Mountains as a child throughout seasons of life. Both poets Rash and Morgan were natives to the land of southwest North Carolina and created poems that would allow readers to interpret what life was like for these two growing up in the Appalachian Mountains. The authors write in narratives that are delightful to the senses and use imagery to assist readers in the interpretation of the poems.
Thesis Point 1 & Evidence
“Junk Car in Snow” is a narrative poem written by Ron Rash. Rash choose to write in the
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This poem takes place in an apple tree at night in the season of the summer months. (“does not come on at dark, is shaded / even from starlight. But waiting / until night you climb up into the belfry”) (Lines 2-4) Morgan allows readers to experience by imagery, the importance of steadiness and silence while climbing the apple tree to eliminate the hornets’ nest. (“approach not jarring the branch / it’s soldered to. A rancid / heat emanates from where / they sleep, a crackling like acid working.”) (6-9) Hornets are active by day so to execute accordingly, the most beneficial way to burn a hornet’s nest would be at night while the insects were sleeping. Morgan leaves readers to visualize the burning flames and ashes drifting from the old nest. The poet uses imagery so it is almost as the reader is hearing the paper nest sizzling into pieces from the fire set to it. (“outer layers catch and peel / upwards. Pellets drip out. / The sunflower heads of wet / larvae are reluctant, seethe.”) (13-16) Morgan writes (“like juices and drop off hole post offices / of trout bait smoldering in the damp / weeds. Next morning survivors clamp / to the rags hanging around the empty socket.”) (17-20) This imagery leaves us to see the hornets next generation in larvae form fallen about on the ground in massive numbers destroyed by the …show more content…
The poets write with imagery and contrasting the season’s in which they write about their childhood rearing. With descriptive words and phrases the poets use of imagery is simply fascinating and allows readers to feel as though the reader was there when these events took place even though it was long ago. Both Morgan and Rash write in narrative poems that emerged to readers what life was like being raised deep in the Appalachian Mountains of southwest North Carolina. The poets use of imagery helps the reader to experience the sights, sounds, and emotions that would have taken place as though the reader was there to experience mountain life for

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