Analysis Of The Play Fences By August Wilson Essay

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“For the immigrants of Europe, a dream dared and won true. The descendants of African slaves were offered no such welcome or participation.” (Wilson, xvii) The play Fences, written by August Wilson, presents inequality African Americans still suffer from 1950s to 1960s even after slavery, before the Civil Rights Movement. Whether American Dream is the unreachable star or the apple which can be reached on tiptoe; August Wilson, implying that the American Dream is the sense of achievement and security people are thirst for rather than specific jobs or lifestyles, emphasizes that various races, generations and genders do not have equal opportunities to achieve American Dream, and protests the inequality through encouraging African Americans to break stereotype they entombed themselves in and find real satisfaction.
African Americans fell behind the whites even before the race of chasing the American Dream begins. In case of the existence of slavery since 1619, which most slaves were African Americans, whites got used to the superiority and regard African Americans as an inferior group, so that African Americans were not given equal opportunities by the society that was dominated by whites to make their dreams come true. Wilson presents the discrimination in Fences through Troy’s experience. Troy, a great baseball player, was not able to play in the Major Leagues because of his color of skin other than his skill; Troy was not allowed to drive but only lift garbage even though…

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