Analysis Of The Pieces ' Freewriting And The Maker 's Eye : Revising Your Own Manuscript By Donald M. Murray

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As demonstrated by both Peter Elbow and Donald Murray, an author’s approach to writing a piece, whether it is written freely or structured, changes the perspective the reader will take. The different methods followed to achieve their style will depend on the purpose of each writer’s piece. The pieces “Freewriting”, by Peter Elbow, and “The Maker’s Eye: Revising Your Own Manuscript”, by Donald M. Murray, both discuss how to create competent writing; however, Elbow sees writing primarily as a process, whereas Murray sees it as a tool for achieving an end product. The authors describe the goal of each strategy, as well as the benefits obtained from the different styles of writing. They also presented the criticism and changes used to improve writing in separate perspectives. Elbow’s form of writing suggests the goal should not be proper writing, but to overcome the writer’s block. Through his technique, the writer is able to separate the writing process from the revising process, as he states, “The goal of freewriting is in the process, not the product” (Elbow, 12). Becoming a proper writer does not begin with a perfect final product, rather the process is the proper guide to producing great ideas. Elbow is also able to relate to the common problem of writer’s block, which nearly every writer has suffered from, stating, “The writer must have an abundance of information from which to construct a readable piece of writing” (13). It is not productive to stare at a blank page…

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