Essay on Analysis Of The Novel ' The Joys Of Motherhood '

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Emecheta’s novel “The Joys of Motherhood” is seen to confront sexual politics through the different lenses of women’s issues and cultural norms. Under the cite of motherhood, sexual politics, being a sexually cored and power-structured relationship, proposes that difference ultimately creates hierarchy. This is seen through the ideas of relation, freedom, domination and use/abuse conveyed in and throughout sexual politics as well as in Emecheta’s novel. Relation under sexual poltics, considering the feminine woman mother in binary with the masculine man father, suggests difference and hierarchy through sexual politics seen in in the novel. Dominion under sexual politics as well the idea of use/abuse under sexual politics consider the mother under masculine society and suggests how difference results in hierarchy. The idea of freedom under sexual poltics within sexual politics also conveys how through difference hierarchy is created.
Kate Millet defines the concept of “sexual politics” as one which is about “power-structured relationships” (23) which has its core focused on the idea of the sexual. In consideration thereof, the sexual relates back to power over woman and “less” of it over men (Millet). Under the cite of motherhood, then, the ideal of the undertaking of sexual politics under a motherly, fertile, feminine, maturing perspective-as seen in Emecheta’s novel-produces a founded argument about the origin of said politics. Being power-structured, a political structure…

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