Essay about Analysis Of The Novel ' The First Five Chapters '

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In the first five chapters, the setting and main characters are established. Edna is the main character who is from Kentucky but married a creole and now lives in New Orleans and vacations with other creoles. This means that she is more uptight about sex and is not as motherly as the other women. To begin with, Edna likes to spend time with Robert and while her husband does not disapprove or get jealous, he still criticizes her for not being a good mother. This is seen when he reproaches her for “habitual neglect of the children.” Therefore, even though all the people on the outside think that their marriage is perfect, the reader can tell that it is not happy. Mr. Pontellier leaves for the club and “simply shrugged his shoulders” not wanting to respond if he will be back for dinner. He also leaves vacation to go to work. Edna responds by spending time with a true creole woman Adele, trying to become a little more accustomed to the culture and lets Robert take her on adventures, always telling her to “come on.” These chapters will function to help the reader to understand the relationships and could play a part if Edna decides to leave Mr. Pontellier or has a secret relationship with Robert.

Chapters 6-10 Summary
Adele and Edna get to spend more time together in these chapters. The reader can tell that they have a deep friendship and Adele is able to make Edna feel comfortable. Edna could feel a “certain light was beginning to dawn dimly within her” and this did not happen…

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