Essay on Analysis Of The Novel ' Pride And Prejudice '

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Pride and Prejudice is set in England during the early 19th century and is a very satirical novel. The novel follows the Bennet family, where Mr. and Mrs. Bennet have their arms full with their five young daughters, and the troublesome fact that the land owned by Mr. Bennet must be handed down to a male heir of the family. With this in mind, Mrs. Bennet is very eager to have her husband meet the very wealthy Mr. Charles Bingley, who had come down to the countryside for the summer with another wealthy friend of his, Mr. Darcy. Mrs. Bennet is only too willing to have Mr. Charles Bingley marry one of her daughters, and she has them all attend a town dance. There Mr. Bingley has taken a liking to the eldest daughter, Jane Bennet, who is esteemed for her beauty and manners. Elizabeth Bennet, the second eldest and a very intelligent, young lady, met Mr. Darcy and found that he was a rather unpleasant,prideful man who refused to dance with any of the townsfolk because of his status. Throughout the book, Elizabeth Bennet, meets and interacts with Mr. Darcy and the more she learns about him the more she realizes who he actually is. Eventually, she falls in love with him after she finds more truth in the things he has done and they get married, but in between you see the pride of Mr. Darcy and people his status that blind them to what truly matters. Miss Elizabeth Bennet shows the way for Mr. Darcy breaking societal standards with their marriage and connecting two different…

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