Analysis Of The Novel ' Maus ' Essay example

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Autobiography is an account of a person’s life told by him or herself. An autobiography tends to be a more general history and the author 's life.(citation) In Maus, it is talking about the relationship between the writer and his father. In the books which have large scale of talking about the history of his father in the Hitler century. Besides, the writer of Maus is using first and third person to present the life story of he and his father. It involved lots of personal feeling and subjective view of the writer. Moreover, the writer uses metaphor, symbolism, and allegory which the critics think that Maus may be fiction more than is an autobiography.(citation

Fiction is created in the imagination of its author.(citation) It is a story with characters, plot or storyline, the dialogue and setting. There are three main types of fiction which are the short story, the novella and the novel.(citation) Most of the time it is not true and fact, but sometimes the setting involve in the story may relate to some history. The story may have some real experiences or feeling of the writer, but it used a story way with designed characters and scene. It can be romantic, scary or funny and it can bring inspiration to the readers.

The writer use graphic form to write out of the history of him and his father. He uses animals to represent different nationality of the people. These are not a common way to write an…

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