Essay on Analysis Of The Novel ' Madame Bovary '

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There are many characters that fall in love with Emma in the novel Madame Bovary. Out of all these characters, the most jealous one is Rodolphe. The least jealous is the naïve and foolish Charles, Emma’s husband. However, it seems that Charles, who happens to be the least jealous one is also most in love with Emma. This is shown by the fact that he goes to great lengths to please Emma and make her happy at his own expense, regardless of Emma’s cold and destructive demeanor towards Charles. Indeed, the decaying economic situation that Charles was in towards the end of the novel was all due to Emma’s reckless, inconsiderate borrowing of money for the purpose of using it to maintain her affairs. On the other hand, Rodolphe is a completely different character. While being more passionate and aggressive in approaching Emma in their affair, Rodolphe is nowhere nearly as dedicated or caring as Charles is for Emma. In fact, as we shall see, in refusing to sacrifice his own well-being and comfort for Emma, Rodolphe proves himself to be the most uncaring lover in this novel.
After all, because an uncaring person cannot love their partner that much, most wouldn’t expect jealousy or passion out of Rodolphe. This is not true however, in the novel Madame Bovary. A natural consequence of this observation is that in this novel jealousy is not a necessary component of love. As will be explained in the paragraphs to ensue, based on Charles’s behavior, a true lover will never be jealous of…

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