Comparison Of Emma And Emma In Jane Austen's Emma

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Women in the time of Jane Austen, tend to have a certain expectation to be considered admirable. There is a type of woman In the Novel Emma by Jane Austen, Emma and Jane both are seen as beautiful and knowledgeable, accomplished. However, they both grew up and have accustomed to the different lives they have. In Emma’s first encounter with Jane, she showed no sign of interest in getting to know her or being friendly. Comparing both these characters, Emma is shown less likeable in comparison to Jane Fairfax. Because Jane is a self-made woman, she is who she is because she persevered and was determined. Emma grew up with being able to afford and get what she wants without having to work for it. This upbringing can say a lot of their personalities and persona throughout the novel. Emma and Jane are both similar yet completely different though they are seen as physically …show more content…
Jane Fairfax is more likeable because she comes across as genuine and hard working which is easy to relate to. Emma is a character that has a fantasy life. Emma was able to live a privileged life and have everything served to her on a silver platter, which to people in reality cannot relate to personally. What makes Jane so much more relatable and likeable is that she was able to make a hard situation into a positive by working hard. More people would be able to relate to those traits as a character, which makes Jane much more likeable then Emma. Emma comes across as prideful and narcissistic, which effects how she is around people. She also isn’t very genuine because she tries to act a way to make people around her believe that she is ‘perfect’ so she can herself. Throughout the book it becomes difficult to like Emma, because you are able to start to see past the façade with Mr. Knightly calling her out as well as the narrator. Which demonstrates the differences between the two

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