Essay on Analysis Of The Novel ' How The Garcia Lost Their Accents '

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Julia Alvarez is the author of the novel How the Garcia Lost Their Accents. It illustrates a family life adapting to a new culture. Carlos is the overprotective father. He also resisted to the dictatorship in the Dominican Republic because of it the family decided to flee to the United States. Laura is the mother of four girls, when she came to the United States did not feel that she belongs here because in The Dominican Republic she was wealthy, privileged and influential family. Carla was the oldest of the Garcia sisters. After Carla, Sandra is the second oldest daughter. Yolanda is also known as Yo-yo, she was the rebellious tomboy of the Garcia’s family. Sophia is the youngest daughter of the Garcia family.
Immigrants adapting to a new culture is hard and frustrating. The Garcia family arrived to the United States because in their country they wasn’t safe because during 1940’s Rafael Leonidas Trujillo was a dictator in the Dominican Republic, continued to rule by force until his assassination on May 30, 1961. (Bio) Laura and her daughter when came to the United States always like to go to department stores and to invent things. Laura thought it was a problem that her daughters wanted to become Americans and would argue with them in English. Yolanda likes to write poetry. While she was in school, she was chosen to give a speech in school. She was afraid of her accent and fear that her classmates made fun of her. Laura wants to help her but she decided to do it herself.…

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