Analysis Of The Night, La Source, Komoreibu, And Firebird Essay

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When comparing different ballet performances, you look at more than just the way the performers dance. You look at the location, use of the stage, force and speed behind each movement, costumes, and the props used. The performance that seemed very different from Firebird in almost all aspects was the first performance of the night, La Source. The ballets of La Source, Komoreibu, and Firebird were performed at the Koger Center on November 10 and 11, 2016.
La Source is choreographed by George Balanchine and is set up into three different acts, as we only viewed one act in the performance. In the first act, Nouredda is on her way to marry the Khan of Ghendjib where she catches a glimpse of a flower growing. Djemil goes to pick the flower for Nouredda when she says she would do anything for him because he picked the flower for her. Djemil says he wants her to lift her veil so he can see her face and she quickly rejects him and asks for him to be tied up. Djemil gets put away but is soon saved by Naila who promises to help him make Nouredda fall in love with him.
During the second act, a solo is offered to the guests while waiting for the arrival of Nouredda. Djemil disguises himself and has gifts for the bride and groom. Nouredda chooses a gift to open and ends up opening a jeweled flower, Djemil throws it down and Naila comes out of a fountain. She dances over to the Khan of Ghendjib and he confesses his love to her and they walk off into the palace. As the third act begins…

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