Analysis Of The New Superintendent Of The Madison Metropolitan School District

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Analysis of Transition Plan
In 2013, Jennifer Cheatham took office as the new superintendent of the Madison Metropolitan School District. Heralded as "well-informed, direct and easy to communicate with," among her first orders of business was to develop a Strategic Framework, which addressed the most significant issues facing the district including ELL learning options (Capellaro 1-2, Romero-Johnson). Also in 2013, after years of working as an interpreter, teaching, and administrating as a principal within MMSD, Dr. Romero-Johnson began as the Executive Director of the newly created Office of Multilingual and Global Education (OMGE). With support from top-level leadership, OMGE developed the “English Language Learner Three-Year Plan” to outline the future of the office addressing needs of students, the process for transitions, and services available for ELL students (Romero-Johnson). During the process of developing the Three-Year Plan, OMGE solicited teacher, parent, and community feedback on their intentions. OMGE took feedback from these meetings and incorporated it into the final draft of the plan. After these major shifts within MMSD, the district began another wave of transitions with the 2015-2016 school year serving as the planning year for three area elementary schools (Erickson 1-2).

Ensure the Need
Ensuring and communicating the need for change allows managers to build immediate internal and external support. The document describes the research that precipitated…

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