Essay about Analysis Of The Narrative ' Who Do You Think You Are '

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The Narrative Impacts the Reader

How the story is presented and what the reader understands by it is more important than what is actually said. The story “Who Do You Think You Are” by Alice Munro is a story of a girl named Alice who trying to find out who she really is. By observing the story and looking at how it was written, we can see how the narrative affects the reader. Looking at Munro’s use of the unexpected, details, and point of view, one can see how the narrative affects the reader’s comprehension of the story.

Writing the unexpected and keeping the audience entertained is a crucial part of every story (Awano). Munro does an excellent work keeping her readers engaged by using the characters in her stories to surprise the reader. The character Milton Homer in “Who Do You Think You Are” is a person who does unusual things. When measles is spreading around the town, he does not care and simply says “Can’t scare me” (Munro). Homer joined all the parades in the town, doing crazy things. The narrator points out “He could take the step-dancers’ tidy show and turn it into an idiot’s prance, and still keep the beat” (Munro). Through this character, Munro keeps the audience on their toes wondering what Milton Homer will do next. Not many people are fearless towards Measles or dance like idiots in a parade, showing this character is not like most individuals. Awano writes about Munro’s writing in this way: “Few experiences are more satisfying to a reader than to see a…

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