Analysis Of The Movie ' Watch A New Promo For Caitlyn Jenner 's Docuseries '

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blishes that she wants her series to focus on the increased acceptance of transgender people. She says, “People don’t understand looking in the mirror, and nothing seems right, putting on clothes that you just don’t really identify with. This is about getting to be who you really are” (Greco “Watch a New Promo for Caitlyn Jenner’s Docuseries”) Although most reality TV shows are viewed as superficial, I Am Cait serves to educate. The programming documents Jenner’s gender transition, her changing relationships, and her adaptation to a new life as a female. The TV show invites the public into Jenner’s world, and informs viewers about the challenges of being transgender that many cisgender people may overlook. For example, I Am Cait often shows Caitlyn’s difficulties with her self-confidence and communication. In one episode, Cait struggles with wearing a swimsuit for the first time. She reveals, “There are so many hurdles to overcome. Every day it seems like, What about a bathing suit” (“The Road Trip” I Am Cait). Jenner’s show does not shy away from difficult subjects; I Am Cait even delves into extremely personal aspects of Jenner’s life, including her views on dating and sexuality. Simultaneously a viewer finds that Jenner’s life is not so different from hers before her transition. She still exhibits many characteristics of Bruce, with the same political views and hobbies. From documenting her own life, Jenner is normalizing the life of a transgender person in America.…

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