Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' The Third Man '

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In the 1949 film The Third Man, protagonist Holly Martins arrives in Vienna to work for his friend Harry Lime only to discover Lime died right before Martins landed in Austria. Without giving too much away, Martins ends up uncovering the circumstances surrounding his childhood chum’s death may be more complex than what’s visible on the surface. The mystery genre -- for both literature and film -- often plays on the idea that the evidence available may not always have the meaning it appears to represent. In Alison Bechdel’s graphic memoir Fun Home, she sifts through her memories and artifacts from her life -- the evidence -- to “solve the mystery” of her father’s life and ultimately, his death. In Chapter 5, Allison combats her own mini-mystery: how to accurately represent her life through the medium of journaling. Through her first experience with self-journaling and artistic expression, Bechdel demonstrates the difference between appearance and reality, a conflict present throughout the novel as a whole. If we look at Fun Home like a mystery novel, one could surmise Bruce Bechdel’s death is the inciting incident which spurs Alison Bechdel to look through the “clues” -- memories, letters, photographs, etc. -- to formulate a judgment about her father’s life. Throughout the novel, it’s clear Allison’s relationship with her family is not necessarily strained, but tumultuous. Due to her father’s uptight, perfectionist nature, Bechdel finds it difficult to attain his approval,…

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