Analysis Of The Movie ' The Red Convertible ' Essay

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1. In “The Red Convertible,” Erdrich talks about the relationship between two brothers. Both, Lyman and Henry, had a very close connection for each other even when it comes to like the same car and girl whose name was Susy. After that delightful summer, Henry was called for military service leaving Lyman in charge of their precious car. Lyman decides to fix the car while Henry was absented because he wanted to surprise him and because he was expecting to go on another road trip to catch up on their relationship. However, the return of Henry was nothing as Lyman expected. Henry did not even bother to thank Lyman for fixing the car; he did not even notice the change. Henry’s attitude had changed, his family was tormented for his change specially Lyman who had never seen his brother like that before. Lyman in his incompetence to get back Henry, he decided to break the car down to call the attention of Henry and sure enough Henry noticed it. Fixing the car was the best therapy Henry could have gotten.
The car means the connection that was between both of them. It represents how energetic their relationship was and the journeys that they lived before Henry was called on duty. Lyman also destroys the in representation of their broken relationship as he was giving up on his brother. Yet, Henry fixed the car to show Lyman that he was really trying to get their relationship going. At the end, Henry freed himself in the river from the trauma caused by the war, leaving Lyman the whole…

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