Analysis Of The Movie ' The Heat Of The Night ' Essay

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In the film “In the Heat of the Night”(1967) there are two main characters trying to solve the case of a mysterious murder. One of the characters is Virgil Tibbs, an outstanding expert in crime scenes, and Bill Gillespie a police officer. These characters are interesting in one way or the other, but what does it mean to be an interesting character? Well, an interesting character is “round” or unpredictable. Also, an interesting character is the one that makes a transition in terms of personality or point of views throughout the film. Even though officer Tibbs shows certain “roundness”, I believe officer Gillespie is the most interesting character between the two of them.
Eventually, Virgil Tibbs is an interesting character in his own way, for example, this character dresses very nice, is very educated and professional. As a matter of fact, Tibbs is the only character that contrasts the majority of the police officers in the movie, since this character does not follow the stereotype of a police officer, eating donuts and chit chatting in the police station. Instead, this character is very decided, organized and determined. In addition to this, one can say that Tibbs is an outstanding character, however, shows very little “roundness” in the movie. For example, one scene where officer Tibbs shows a significant change is when officer Gillespie and Tibbs visited Endicott, Tibbs slapped this man and claimed it was an act of self-defence. Later on, in the same scene, Tibbs says,…

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